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For my contribution to engineering knowledge club I have decided to create a blog about architectural styles. I plan to capture images of different buildings I see on my travels around London the UK and Europe (possibly) and start by simply trying to categorise them into different styles . I then also plan to have a mini hall of fame with famous architects relating to the buildings I’ve photographed. At the end hopefully I will have a photo timeline of the buildings I’ve photographed and a bank of buildings categorised by design style with some notes about each.
Here’s the link to my blog :

1 thought on “My blog

  1. Hi Matthew, well done for getting started on this. What you chosen sounds like is great topic. I’ll make sure I follow your blog, and encourage other members of Knowledge Club to do so. Just as a reminder, here’s a recap of a few of the suggestions I made earlier.
    1) Once you’ve at this for a while, you should think about sitting down with an architect to discuss what you’ve noticed. There’s plenty over at the Bartlett that I can help you get in touch with; otherwise I have colleagues you can speak to as well.
    2) You might want to think about putting together a whistle-stop walking tour of architectural styles of UCL for your civil engineering colleagues.
    3) Go and check out the amazing architecture galleries at the V&A…and take your sketch book.
    I look forward to reading about your progress.

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