Engineering Knowledge Club visits Crossrail


Crossrail site visit

Today we had our first Engineering Knowledge Club site visit. Friba, one of our most active members chose Crossrail as her topic of interest. Since our early Knowledge Club meetings she has been researching and writing about tunnelling, and has been on a site visit to Bond Street. She fulfilled her side of the bargain. Our side of the bargain was to help go on a Crossrail site visit.

And that was how Friba and five of her colleagues ended up peering into the vertiginous shafts of the Crossrail station that spans Moorgate and Liverpool Street. I have taken students on plenty of site visits before, but it is stark just how higher the level of engagement is when the student is already will read on the topic.

The five other students have become knowledge club recruits. We look forward to helping them grow their engineering knowledge in the future.

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1 thought on “Engineering Knowledge Club visits Crossrail

  1. The visit was really inspiring. Now I have came up with an idea for this summer! I want to visit nearly all stations within zone 1-5. If any time left, I will go beyond these zones.

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