Cross Rail project is the biggest project in the Europe at the moment. And is the largest single infrastructure in the UK.

Therefore it is every engineer’s dream to be part of this challenging project, not only to work and make money but to learn more in every single day. However for some people, for instance students those are still studying for their first degree and are inserted in the tunnelling and railway engineering, a site visit from one of the contraction sites will be enough to learn and observe some engineering aspects in practice that they are learning in university.

On Friday (13th June 2014) a site visit from Liverpool street station was arranged by Oliver Brandt, the founder of Engineering think up club, for a group of UCL Civil Engineering student. This was the most valuable visit that I have ever had up till now.

In this visit after giving briefing by the operational manager, we visited from Moorgate Shaft, which will be used as ticket hall upon completing the construction. This shaft has diameter of 25m and depth 61m. To be able to imagine the scale, it is as deep in the ground as Moor House is tall. The following pictures are from the visit. You might also find them interesting.



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