Matt’s Update:

For my contribution to engineering knowledge club last year I decided to create a blog about architectural styles. I have chosen to continue my topic this year to expand my general knowledge on the area. I have set myself clearer goals this year on what I want to achieve;
Firstly I have decided that I will continue photographing buildings and trying to classify them based on style, I will focus less on trying to research each building because as the saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words”
Secondly I have decided my end output will be a timeline showing the buildings I have photographed in date order of when they were constructed.
Finally I have decided that I will try to focus on some different key elements that make a building fall into one style or another, I may, depending on time, try to make a library of these elements.
Hopefully having these clearer goals will mean I find them easier to achieve and motivate me to reach them! and I have downloaded the wordpress app so I can’t use the excuse of: “I don’t have my computer so can’t make a post!”
Here’s the link to my blog :

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