What is Engineering Knowledge Club?

Engineering Knowledge Club is for students who want to become excellent engineers. Founded by Paul Greening of UCL and Oliver Broadbent of Think Up, the club is based on a simple idea about how people develop engineering skills, and an alternative approach to learning.

The idea is this. While many of the things that engineers do (like identifying problems, understanding contexts, designing solutions, creating prototypes and persuading others) are very advanced skills, they are all founded on a broad base of general engineering knowledge. But nobody wants boring lectures on general knowledge! Engineering Knowledge Club is designed to be an interesting alternative.

When students sign up to Engineering Knowledge Club, they choose an area of their engineering knowledge that they would like to develop. The members of the club then support each other in developing their own exciting way to grow this knowledge in a way that builds on the skills and knowledge they already have. The role of Think Up will be support Engineering Knowledge Club by finding ways to help its members meet their learning aims.

Engineering Knowledge Club is a community of learners. The hub for the community is the Engineering Knowledge Club blog, where members share what they are doing, can discover shared interests and support each other’s learning.


Engineering Knowledge Club is primarily aimed at undergraduate engineers; however any group of individuals interested in developing their engineering knowledge should feel free to adopt this approach.

Members are organised into chapters usually based at a university. Each chapter of Engineering Knowledge Club will have its own president to be elected on an annual basis.


Members of Engineering Knowledge Club should support each other’s learning by participating in meetings and sharing what they have learnt, blogging about their own activity on the Engineering Knowledge Club blog and commenting on other members’ posts.

There are no strict membership requirements although participation in meetings is an expected prerequisite to taking part in other Engineering Knowledge Club activities such as site visits.


Meetings are to be spaced out during the year as minimum there should be an introductory meeting, bimonthly progress meetings and a final meeting where Engineering Knowledge Club members will be present what they learnt and a new president will be elected. It is the role of the president to organise the meetings and to inform members of when they are.

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