Tunnelling and Railway Engineering.

Part of my journey to UCL is from Ealing Broadway to London Paddington, Where Europe’s biggest railway construction is happening (Cross Rail). I realised that I am interested in Railway Engineering. So I decided to take photos from what I see and make note of the dates that something new happens in the process of construction to form a log.

As everyone knows, a large distance of railways take place underground in tunnels. I decided to take the challenge and search about types of tunnels and tunnelling techniques in London.

By visiting from Bond Street Station construction site on 12th March 2014, I hope I will understand more about this topic and will be able to develope my reaserch.

My blog

For my contribution to engineering knowledge club I have decided to create a blog about architectural styles. I plan to capture images of different buildings I see on my travels around London the UK and Europe (possibly) and start by simply trying to categorise them into different styles . I then also plan to have a mini hall of fame with famous architects relating to the buildings I’ve photographed. At the end hopefully I will have a photo timeline of the buildings I’ve photographed and a bank of buildings categorised by design style with some notes about each.
Here’s the link to my blog :