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Maple House Maple House – Tottenham Court Road

This is Maple House, taken on a very rainy day , it is a building that faces onto Tottenham Court Road, the view above is the side that faces Grafton Way. The building is one I pass most days, some may think it is just a huge grey block as did I when I first laid eyes upon it. However over time seeing it on different days I actually like it as  building, in the rain it shines and has a mirror effect, and in the sun the colours in the granite can be seen. Yeah that’s right, the entire building is clad in granite from Quebec More info. The architect for this building was Sir Richard Seifert & Partners and was completed in 1976. The building is not a particularly well documented one but from what sources and opinions I have gathered I think it falls…

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Brickblog now live


To help me get up and running with my plan to learn about bricks, I have set up Brickblog, a new Pinterest board that I am using to help my capture interesting examples of brickwork I come across on my travels. My plan is to do some background reading, and then to go out and look for examples to reinforce what I have read. I expect this process to be iterative and reinforcing. The background reading should help my notice more, and my observations will help my ask more questions which I will want to find the answers to in my background reading. Well, that’s the idea at least!

My blog

For my contribution to engineering knowledge club I have decided to create a blog about architectural styles. I plan to capture images of different buildings I see on my travels around London the UK and Europe (possibly) and start by simply trying to categorise them into different styles . I then also plan to have a mini hall of fame with famous architects relating to the buildings I’ve photographed. At the end hopefully I will have a photo timeline of the buildings I’ve photographed and a bank of buildings categorised by design style with some notes about each.
Here’s the link to my blog :